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24-Core AMD EPYC 7743P

Threads 48, L3 Cache 128 MB, 2.85-4GHz
64 GB 2x 480GB SSD 10 Gbps 300 TB Just € 499 Order Now

24-Core AMD EPYC 7743P

Threads 48, L3 Cache 128 MB, 2.85-4GHz
128 GB 2x 480GB SSD 10 Gbps 300 TB Just € 549 Order Now

24-Core AMD EPYC 7743P

Threads 48, L3 Cache 128 MB, 2.85-4GHz
256 GB 2x 480GB SSD 10 Gbps 300 TB Just € 634 Order Now

3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ 'Milan' 7003 Series Processors - Features

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HostCircle AMD Infinity Architecture

AMD Infinity Architecture

Get the most I/O and memory bandwidth in its class with ZEN 3 Core

  • Get superior performance, industry-standard
  • Hybrid Multi-Die SoC Deisgn: 7nm x86 technology
  • High Speed Chiplet Interconnect with 8 memory channels per socket and upto 410 GB/s DRAM Bandwidth
HostCircle AMD More Cores

I/O Bandwidth Leader

Breakthrough features comes from a commitment to continuously enhance features

  • 64GB/s bi-directional bandwidth per link, total 512GB/s per socket
  • All 8x16 links for PCIe Gen4 with 128 lanes in a Single Socket
  • Improved execution pipelines, higher clock rates, and up to 4x the shared Level 3 cache
HostCircle AMD Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Get AMD Infinity Guard - Modern ZEN architecture with Broad Ecosystem Support

  • AES-128 Encryption Engines built into the memory controllers
  • Secure Memory Encryption (SME), and
  • Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV)
  • Isolate memory within the CPU so that the thread can access memory only assigned to that thread
HostCircle AMD External Security

‘Hardened at the Core’

Help resist External attacks

  • CPU microarchitecture is designed with data isolation, data protection and reducing resource drain
  • Provides improved layer of security with AMD Secure Boot. Prevent malwares being embedded into firmware.
  • Increased capabilities with performance-optimized countermeasures against known attacks
  • Can also be used to cryptographically verify software stack loaded on a cloud server in Virtual Environment.
HostCircle AMD Internal Security

Secure Encrypted Virtualization

Encrypt the contents of main memory with simple change in BIOS setting

  • Encrypt each VM with a unique key that is known only to the processor with up to 509 contexts
  • Protect confidentiality of data even if a malicious VM finds a way into your VM's memory or if compromised hypervisor reaches guest VM
  • Secure Nested Paging - with strong memory integrity protection capabilities, prevent malicious hypervisor based attacks such as data replay, memory re-mapping, and more.
HostCircle AMD Performance Leader

The Performance Leader

World's Best performing EPYC 7763 processor

  • Ground breaking application performance for faster insights and increased business productivity
  • Scale easily to meet changing workload demands.
  • Elevate business productivity by enabling faster application performance.
HostCircle Value For Money

The Value Leader

Save more with affordable AMD EPYC 3rd Gen CPU Servers from HostCircle B.V.

  • Quality Bandwidth at affordable pricing
  • Server racked and stacked in enterprise datacenters
  • Redundant network with Quick Support 24x7

Get total control with HostCircleDedicated Server Features

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