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IP Transit

Get great value-for-money connectivity with premium carriers blend and wide choice of service locations.

Our IP Transit service is a blend of Tier-1 carriers and carrier-class peering. This ensures that your traffic is routed via high-performance backbone circuits, reducing latency and jitter.

  • 1-400 Gbps Commits

    Get large capacity bandwidth commits with flat port speed or burstable port speeds. Scale to truly global levels as per your demands.

  • Truely Simple Contracts

    Sign Up with us and realize what easier dealing is all about. Transparent discussions and straight talks to arrive at an optimal solution tailored just for your business. No need extra feature loads, done. Need a little extra something, done.

  • Protective SLA

    Get the most easily understandable SLA that serves to protect you. Your business and your network get fair deal of boost from our services – and our SLA guarantees it.

  • Your Own ASN (OR) Join Us

    Have your own Autonomous System Number, our system gives you BGP routing access via our ASN.

    No ASN with you, no worries. Get high-performance, scalable and secure global transit wihtout managing routing protocols.

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THE HOSTCIRCLETransit Advantage

Our LocationsTransit Locations

Enjoy pan-global coverage with predictable connectivity distributed across 11 countries in 4 continents.

Datacenter Address
RSA Dexter Avenue Datacenter 445 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL, 36104
Digital Realty Telx Phoenix 120 E Van Buren St, 3rd Floor, Phoenix, AZ, 85004
PhoenixNAP 3402 E University Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85034
Equinix Los Angeles LA4 445 N Douglas St, El Segundo (LA), CA, 90017
Hurricane Electric Fremont 1 760 Mission Ct, Fremont, CA, 94539
Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA, 94539
Equinix Los Angeles LA1 600 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA, 90017
CoreSite One Wilshire 624 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90017
Equinix Palo Alto SV8 529 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA, 94301
Digital Realty Telx San Francisco SFR1 200 Paul Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94124
Digital Realty Telx (365 Main) 365 Main St, San Francisco, CA, 94105

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