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Processor Ram Storage Uplink Traffic Price

24-Core Dual E5-2620v4

Threads 48, Cache 30MB, 2.20-2.90GHz
32 GB 2x 240 GB SSD 10 Gbps 100 TB from € 149 Customize Now

28-Core Dual E5-2680v4

Threads 56, Cache 35MB, 2.40-3.30GHz
64 GB 2x 480 GB SSD 10 Gbps 100 TB from € 199 Customize Now

32-Core Dual Silver 4216

Threads 64, L3 Cache 22 MB, 2.1-3.2GHz
256 GB 2x 960 GB SSD 10 Gbps 100 TB Just € 299 Customize Now

Storage Server 100TB

Intel Xeon 12-Core or better
32 GB 10x 10 TB HDD 10 Gbps 100 TB Just € 349Not € 429 Order Now

Dual AMD EPYC 48-Core 7352

Threads 96, Cache 128MB, 2.3-3.2GHz
64 GB 2x 480 GB SSD 10 Gbps 300 TB Just € 570Not € 820 Order Now
Deal Pricing

64-Core Dual AMD EPYC 7543

Threads 256, L3 Cache 512 MB, 2-3.675GHz
256 GB 960GB NVMe

Gen4 NVMe

10 Gbps 300 TB Just € 699Not € 1299 Order Now

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