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Infrastructure Management

Get intelligent hands and eyes in any datacenter when you are not able to get there.

Get expert personnel on-demand to troubleshoot, plan, build, organize, migrate, secure, upgrade or revamp your existing hardware infrastructure.

  • Trained Professionals

    Get your hardware serviced by experienced personnel trained for handling servers, network devices, fiber cables, active and passive optical equipment and basic electricals and networking.

  • Suggestion and Implementation

    Get professional suggestion from us based on your specific problems. Deploy your network with unique design ideas based on policies and regulations that your business requirements effectively demand.

  • Migration Expertise

    Move your equipment safely from one premise to another with our expertise. We have personnel to handle your large operations including multiple racks of equipment.

  • Reliable Rack and Stack

    Get your services up as soon as you move into a new location. We perform initial rack and stack, assembly, connectivity check and upto first boot sequence from which you can take over remotely.

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