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About First Generation AMD EPYC

AMD EPYC is the code name for AMD's high-performance processor range launched back in 2017. The demand for secure, high-performance computing is driving the need for modern data centers that deliver a balanced IT infrastructure, workload acceleration, and data protection. Delivering the latest server technology innovation, AMD EPYC™ 7001, codenamed "Naples", first-generation series processors provide businesses advanced security features and groundbreaking application performance resulting in faster insights and value.

Designed with security in mind, EPYC 7001 "Naples" series processors help protect your CPU, applications, and data—whether in your enterprise data center or the public cloud. And with the range of features you need to power your business, you can adapt your IT infrastructure to match the workload challenges you face today and into the future.

AMD’s Server Architecture and Design 

AMD’s Epyc SoC is designed to address the latent 1S server demand that has pushed to expensive and unnecessary 2U servers, as well as high-performance 2U server demands. An Epyc SoC can directly connect up to 32 SATA or NVMe devices. Configuration of Epyc’s PCIe Gen3 lanes as NVMe, SATA, or 2S socket interconnect is determined when a motherboard is designed. In a 2S configuration, Epyc’s system memory capacity doubles to 2/4TB of memory (RDIMM/LRDIMM), but the system I/O is identical to a 1S solution – half of the I/O lanes are used for high-speed links between the two SoC sockets.

Get Total Control With HostCircle’s Dedication Server Features:

72-Hour Deployment

Get fast deployment to meet your business needs. We have these specifications readily built and good to go in most cases. Due to recent demands, we generally deploy within 24 to 72 hours.

DDoS Protection:

We give you protection from unwanted attacks. Our Network seamlessly filters all the noise and serves the proper traffic only. DDoS Protection simply means one less thing to worry about.

Reliability with Redundancy:

We are N+1 redundant in power, cooling, network, security, and hardware. This is to maintain exceptional levels of performance, simultaneously making sure you are online always.

Periodic Backups Add-On:

Add another layer of reliability for your mission-critical data. Get periodic backups as an add-on along with your server order. Daily or weekly or monthly. We also provide special storage servers.

Premium NVMe SSD Range:

Reduce input-output overhead, reduce latency, and introduce higher levels of performance with our premium server range with state-of-the-art Non-Volatile-Memory-express (NVMe) SSD hard drives.

IPMI/KVM Access:

Dedicated IPMI/KVM access to give you options to install your Operating System, troubleshoot without networking. Access via secure internal VPN. Full control with total security.

Features of Dedicated Server by HostCircle

We at HostCircle provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee with our Dedicated Servers. Our top-tier datacenter and resilient network backbone support our offerings. This means your servers are online all the time, just as they should be. For additional information, please visit - HostCircle

Why AMD EPYC First Generation Naples Servers now?

You might wonder as to what are the strategic advantages of an years old processor range. Especially as AMD EPYC ROME as well as AMD EPYC MILAN are offering absolute blast performance.

The answer is that the first generation AMD EPYC processors are kings when it comes to delivering value. They are very cheap, offer great value-for-money and are robust in terms of performance. The market demand has surged recently with chip shortage, the previous generation processors are suddenly in-demand in Refurbished market.



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