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About Fourth Generation AMD EPYC

"AMD EPYC Genoa: Redefining the future of server processors with unparalleled performance, security, and scalability." - Tech Insider News

1. Increased Edge Processing Power:

AMD EPYC Genoa dedicated servers offer high-performance computing capabilities, enabling intensive data processing and analytics at the network edge. Their advanced architecture and multi-core design allow for efficient execution of edge workloads.

Hybrid Multi-Die Architecture: 5nm technology with I/O Die Process Technology 6nm - upto 12 CPU dies with eight cores each, a large L3 cache shared across all cores within each CPU die.

2. Low Latency Communication:

Edge computing requires minimal latency for real-time decision-making. AMD EPYC Genoa servers, with their optimized I/O performance and high-speed interconnectivity, facilitate fast and reliable data transfer between edge devices and servers, ensuring low-latency communication.

Genoa CPUs support CXL1.1+ Memory (CXL "Type3") - 64 lanes. 64GB/s bi-directional bandwidth per link, total 512GB/s per socket.

3. Enhanced Security Features:

Security is crucial in edge computing environments. AMD EPYC Genoa servers integrate advanced security features, such as AMD Infinity Guard, to protect sensitive data and applications at the edge. These security measures help safeguard against potential threats and breaches.

Advanced Security with AES-XTS 256-bit Encryption Engines built into the memory controllers (upto 64 keys). Isolate memory within the CPU so that the active thread can access memory only assigned to that thread.

4. Efficient Power Consumption:

Edge computing often operates in resource-constrained environments, where power efficiency is paramount. AMD EPYC Genoa processors are designed with power optimization in mind, delivering high performance while minimizing power consumption, thus enabling energy-efficient edge deployments.

5. Scalability and Flexibility:

Edge computing environments can vary in size and complexity. AMD EPYC Genoa servers offer scalability, allowing organizations to easily scale their edge infrastructure as their computing needs grow. Moreover, the flexibility of EPYC Genoa servers supports diverse edge workloads, ranging from IoT data processing to real-time analytics

Ground breaking application performance for faster insights and increased business productivity. Scale easily to meet changing workload demands. AMD EPYC Genoa servers support upto 96 cores per CPU.

Features of AMD EPYC Genoa Dedicated Server from HostCircle

As a result, 4th Gen AMD EPYC "Genoa" powered dedicated servers are best fit for Edge Computing in present market conditions.

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- HostCircle BV

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