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Network uptime

HostCircle takes extensive care to give you the maximum network uptime possible. If we don't keep up with the uptime guaranteed, we pay you back a part of the money you paid for the service. If the network uptime falls below 99.95%, we will refund you 100% of the money paid by you for that month.

Other infrastructure

We make sure the other features like redundant power, HVAC stays online. If the uptime is affected less than 99.99%, then you can request a refund of 50% of the money paid.

Hardware replacement

We guarantee that our hardware replacement will be made in:

  1. 24 hrs for Unmanaged Dedicated Server.
  2. 2 hrs for Managed Dedicated Server.

If these replacement can't be made in specified time, then we will refund 10% of monthly service cost for every additional hour of downtime as credit upto 100% of the money paid for the particular service for the particular month.

Loss of data

We are in no way responsible for the data stored in our unmanaged servers. It is the customer's responsibility for maintaining a backup copy when the data in the server fails.


All refunds claims are for the particular month only. Services paid for annually, half-yearly or quarterly can not be claimed as a whole. If you have questions, please contact us.



Telia, GTT, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Telstra Global



Premium quality peering with AmsIX, DEC-IX, TorIX



Overall network commit with all providers



Premium DCs with deployment-ready infrastructure

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